J o y

For as long as I can remember, I have been asking the Lord to write a word on my heart for the coming year. As each new year approaches I start asking him to impress on me what that new word will be. This year was different. This year my word was everywhere… and I started seeing it in December. Although, it wasn’t clear to me until I was praying about it the first few days of January. It had been there all along… and suddenly it came into focus.


I had it displayed on my window sill the entire month of December. I even bought a silver J O Y  to add to my Christmas decor. Now it was suddenly clear. I was to focus this year on J O Y. Not just any J O Y. I knew that immediatly. It wasn’t anything I had to find or manufacture. It was like I had litterally opened a gift of J O Y. He was giving me J O Y.


You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with J O Y in your presence… Psalm 116:11

As I read this verse, the words “in your presence” popped out. Boldly reminding me where J O Y comes from.

I am so thankful that the Lord so graciously reminded me of this as 2015 had just begun. He’s good like that!




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